5599 Maestoso Mefiszto, Hungarian Champion

Foaled 4/8/2008 at Lipizzaner Stud Szetngyörgyvár

DNA on file with USLF

15.3h black Lipizzan

Sire: 4508 Maestoso Márkó (HUN)

Dam: Pluto XIX-3 (SDJ)

2014 Hungarian Champion Black Lipizzan

Maestoso Takoma

Only son of imported 261 Maestoso Samira XXI, who was Best Foal and Best Young Stallion of the Slovenian Breeders' Association, and whose grandsire represented Yugoslavisa in the 1984 Olympics!  

Foaled 6/15/10 Touchstone Acres

USLR M583-10

DNA: LI-1339

Grey factor: GG

Sire: Imported 261 Maestoso Samira XXI, Marc Lipizzaner Centre, Slovenia

Dam: Takoma (Pluto II Balmora IV x Triesta)

14.3h grey Lipizzan

Neapolitano XXIX-18

Foaled 6/23/1997 National Stud Sambata de Jos, Romania

0373 NL (LVN) The Netherlands


Grey factor: NN

15.3h black Lipizzan

Sire: Neapolitano XXIX (SdJ)

Dam: 517 Conversano XXV-4 (SDJ)

Competed at Grand Prix dressage in the Netherlands 

Starred in 2 movies Penny’s Shadow & sequel; Toured with Apassionata

Neapolitano Altamira

Foaled 5/17/09 Touchstone Acres

USLR N543-09

DNA: LI-1288

Grey factor: GG

Sire: Neapolitano Amiata, Imported Manuel De Ossa, Archidosso (GR) Italy, one of two purebred offspring of N. Amiata

Dam: Altamira (416 Maestoso II Sabrina x 542 Alberta)

14.3h grey Lipizzan

Neapolitano Samira VI

Foaled 3/5/06 Touchstone Acres, imported in utero

LANA 5317/ USLR N550-11

DNA: HO6-03177

Grey factor: GG

14.3h grey Lipizzan

Imported in utero

Sire: 857 Neapolitano Wera XI, Elite Sire Stud Lipica

Dam: 302 Samira VI, Imported (54 Siglavy Gaeta II x L056 Samira XXI)

High Point at Evergreen Dressage, 4/25/2015, 73.44%

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